Praadis Technologies is a global provider of Consulting, Information Technology (IT), Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions, Smart City Solutions and Smart Learning and Training Solutions and Services. Through integrated solutions, our company is dedicated to delivering tangible value for data-intensive business processes that help enterprises all over the world deal with their business challenges.

These solutions put a great effect on the innovations in technology, the know-how of business processes, and domain expertise to help the clients carve a niche for their businesses. Our profound expertise and experience in infrastructure and applications management are instrumental in optimizing your IT into a tactical asset.

Whether you are in need of standing out your company, creating your business functions or accelerating business revenue growth, we can help you meet the need. The cutting-edge solutions and the services we offer at Praadis Technologies offer a variety of industries including Banking & Finance, Skill Development, Mission Mode Government Projects, Market Research and International Organizations.

In this cut-throat environment with no long-term stability of things, it makes sense that governments follow cutting-edge technologies and business frameworks depending on groundbreaking governance strategies and techniques to optimize public services for citizens. Collaboration, co-production across diverse government sectors, and access to hands-on information from dissimilar sources equally play a seminal role in achieving these goals. Government performance is contingent on innovation and technology to efficiently run a “connected republic”—the next level of e-government revolution where people and communities are at the midpoint of cutting-edge networks of know-how, service, dependability, and accountability. As a result of our strong portfolio of state-of-the-art data security, content management and first-rate offerings, Praadis is committed to supporting Public Sector organizations to build their “Next Generation Automation” to achieve the demands of their stakeholders in the 21st century.

Experience Certainty

Choosing Praadis means you will experience certainty, best results, enterprise and management. We assure you of delivering a long-term success without fail. As we possess longtime expertise and experience in the industry, we are confident to meet every challenge of your business and help it carve a niche for it. That is the power of certainty.

We utilize a range of processes and tools to deal with your business’s most challenging problems, help you cut down the element of risk and gain a better competitive edge. We consistently leverage our Innovation Labs, Centers of Excellence and collaborative teams of experts—including researchers, engineers, consultants and business partners—to deliver leading-edge solutions that give your business a visible edge.

Leadership Team

Founded in 2012, Praadis has been a consistent performer in IT Services, cyber and digital solutions, learning & Development and training solutions. Since its launch, Praadis has derived benefit from a superior guidance team from our heavy-duty, active and independent board members to our knowledgeable and globally-distributed senior management team. The Praadis leadership team is comprised of well-recognized executives with an over-all 20+ years of business experience in software engineering and design, product lifecycle management, Learning and Development, IT and innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We utilize corporate responsibility (CR) as a general lens, facilitating us to become aware of stakeholder expectations and societal trends, deal with our activities in view of these, invest in constructive societal change that delivers on-purpose and gauges a broader set of business metrics. We aim to transcend doing the right thing to make a change in four diverse focus areas: responsible business, assortment and inclusion, community engagement, and ecological stewardship.
We recognize that across the network, our firms are at the varied stages of their journey. With this in mind, we make the most of our leadership ladders to give hands-on guidance and inspiration to develop from foundation level to CR leadership.