Certification and Accreditation Services

A company's technology organization is expected to back up its business initiative, not coerce it. We first pay attention to the tactical needs of our clients businesses to resolve the technology efficiencies required to achieve their long-term goals. We are always at the drop of the hat to help companies in resolving address technology-related decisions and ensure their IT organizations and operating frameworks are responsive and functioning, facilitating them to cut through the noise of transient technology trends to deliver long-term results. Praadis Technologies Inc. define, design and execute strategies that are instrumental in business growth, cut down the costs and create new revenue streams. We implement a “big picture” strategy, working with you to know about your business visions and goals, IT environment, skill needs and policies. Subsequently, we create short-term and long-term tactics based on the most available strategies to deliver quantifiable results. Our approach plays a pivotal role in cutting down the risk of mid-course corrections and delivers more imaginable outcomes.

Praadis Technologies can prove resourceful to your organization as follows:

  • Evaluate the usefulness of your enrollment, variety and succession policies to ensure that your talent pool is diverse and fits the qualities and features that will thrive in diverse cultures.
  • Figure out development needs – A gap assessment should deal with both individual needs and the international talent pool so the organization can leverage needs of the growing employee populations.
  • Create learning opportunities that fit leaders' learning styles since these too differ across cultures.
  • Impart cross-cultural training for executives and leaders working in a multi-cultural setting.
  • Evaluate each leader's ethnic profile to help him/her with self-understanding, the primary step to appreciate cultural differences.

Global Business Leader Certification Program

At Praadis Technologies. we are known to offer a state-of-the-art Global Business Leader Certification Program with team and individual analysis, action learning activities, webinars, seminars, classroom activities and coaching. We are focused on building up leaders who are literally cross culturally capable.

Our differentiators include:

  • Decision facilitators for IT investments.
  • Know-how in sophisticated technologies, tools and processes.
  • Guidance related to knowledge and laboratory results from our global Centers of Excellence.
  • Insight from thorough field experience with customers across a broad range of industries.

Praadis Technologies Inc. standard curriculum for its Global Business Leader Certification Program includes:

  • Finance
  • Strategy / Strategic Thinking
  • Global Marketing and Advertising / Consumer Behavior
  • Operations / Supply Chain
  • Technology of the Future
  • People Development
  • Country / Culture Review