If you are in search of a reliable and reputable augmented reality service provider in the US and India, then Praadis Technologies is just the ticket to achieve your need excellently. Our track record of excellence in the industry has made Praadis Technologies one of the premier AR services providers in India.

Augmented Reality in uncomplicated terms is the augmentation made to certain elements, for example, sound, picture, motion, GPS data etc. to emphasize on the details and appeal linked for making the backgrounds alphanumerically manipulated and mightily collaborative. Augmented reality, if carried out seamlessly, will help people to make a difference between the real world and the artificially generated one. It started out with video games but today smartphones and tablets step up its development.

Praadis Technologies offers made-to-order AR services to all of our clients, as we unfalteringly bar the ‘one-hat-fits-all’ policy from attention. Customization helps to leverage odds offered by higher innovations in the line of computer-human infrastructures. Augmented Reality is a groundbreaking initiative that brings virtual world to look close to the real world that encloses the user and engages them via well-defined functionalities, and we at Praadis Technologies make our best efforts to incorporate these features in all the applications we create.

Augmented Reality Service Provider

In addition to other services, we also specialize in augmented reality app development and are recognized by our clients for our excellence, trusted by a range of enterprises and agencies for creating gripping augmented reality apps leveraged with cutting-edge AR technology. Our developers work across a range of SDKs and sophisticated programming for developing high-performing apps which are compatible with a range of platforms viz. iOS, Android, Blackberry, and HTML5.

The Gamut of our Augmented Reality solutions:

Our augmented reality services span across a broad range of industry-specific applications that include:

  • Navigation and maps
  • Image recognition
  • Gaming app development
  • Solutions projected for retailers and marketers
  • Enterprise apps
  • E-Commerce application
  • Utility application