One of the most critical challenges health and welfare sector will face in the near future is how the aging population will be doing. Technology can be used progressively in geriatric care. At Praadis Technologies, we aim to be a pioneer in the exploitation of open robot platforms in health and welfare services.

IoT has fast-tracked co-creation between companies and has helped a lot in creating an innovative value. However, when it comes to maximizing the entire potential of IoT, data processing must transcend cyberspace. Innovative services in the real world will be based on our competence to combine data with physical operations. With this in mind, robotics will act as a catalyst in moving forward, as they become our bond between the real and virtual worlds

By service robotics, we refer to robotics that is helpful to the end users and are in social interaction with them. Besides interaction, robots can also furnish with physical services.

  • We enhance people's security and well-being by making their day-to-day lives easier via service robotics.
  • We merge service robotics with automation, design, business economics and the standpoints of the individuals who use health care and welfare services.
  • We increase our team of professionals to develop innovative technologies and service solutions to support wellbeing.
  • We are looking for daring partners, for example, service providers, health technology companies, investors and researchers to join us in the creation of service robotics that gives benefit to users.
  • We find together with the users and through trials, robotics apps in areas, for example, care and rehabilitation.
Robotics Services - Praadis Technologies Inc.

At Praadis Technologies, we have earned the label of best-in-class, as we have created some excellent applications by maximizing our expertise in operational technologies (OT). However, we are not building up our technologies without any reason. We are deploying social innovation. By incorporating robots with IoT interfaces, and using that know-how in social infrastructures, we are actively promoting enterprises to improve people’s lives.