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This tab is created with the noble objective of coordinating the daily life as well as the learning style of children studying in schools. This tool, combined with the aspects of modern education and evaluation, is aimed at overcoming the mental pressure and boredom brought about by lots of books. This tablet will instill the elements of joy and satisfaction into the budding minds of children and pave their way towards academic excellence. This complete and smart study package is a dedicated effort of PIE team.

The Education Tablet we have designed is the thing for students, as it enables them to acquire and/or nurture the knowledge of different subjects they pursue in the academic classes. Our interactive and student-friendly Tablet is designed using cutting-edge technologies and combines salient elements such as graphs, images, charts, presentations etc. that are not generally and necessarily conveyed via classroom notes or textbooks. To put it simply, our education tablet will prompt your child to give a virtuoso performance and enable him/her to be on the cutting-edge of the academic education.

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Video Lessons - Praadis Technologies Inc.

The budding minds of kids essentially grasp some knowledge when a concept is taught visually. Interestingly, our teaching philosophy conforms to visual system. With the help of our tablets featuring video lectures, children can have a good grasp of the concepts. The visual content we feature for the kids cover all concepts in detail.

Evaluation is the primary step for every learning child to go through. A thorough and initial evaluation of the child must be taken to ensure whether he/she is fine with his abilities and is qualified enough to receive special education. The consent of the parents is generally obtained before such evaluation tests are conducted. Our Evaluation Test & Analysis generally include unlimited practice questions and evaluation tests with thorough analysis. “Practice makes a man perfect” goes the saying. With that said, in order to help a child understand a concept easily and thoroughly, we include a variety of practice questions pertaining to a topic.

Evaluation Test & Analysis - Praadis Technologies Inc.
Custom-made Learning - Praadis Technologies Inc.

The grasping capacity varies from child to child. That is why, we have included custom-made learning lessons to suit every student’s learning needs. We try our best to achieve the needs of every student through a specially designed custom-made learning. Whether your child requires specific development or remedial instruction, custom-made Learning is a gigantic step to help him move towards the path of success. Every aspect of custom-made learning is discretely customized to every student, depending on his or her learning pace, penchants, and academic background. The philosophy helps the students to attain the highest level of learning within their allotted time frames.

Each and every chapter contains objective types of question; we take a small test for each chapter. These tests are very helpful for a child in thinking independently. The commonest objective test questions are multiple-choice, true false, and matching items. Other objective test questions may entail that the students recall the accurate answer from memory. One example would be fill-in-the-blank questions. Students must keep in mind the correct, specific answer for every question.

Obejective Questions - Praadis Technologies Inc.
Study Plan - Praadis Technologies Inc.

A study plan is a planned schedule which is essential for every student to create that outlines study times and learning goals. Similar to work or school schedules, college students should advance a study schedule where they can close off days and times in their calendar committed to studying. Creating a study plan not only helps you become more organized, but it also makes you responsible for your personal learning result.

We submit the magical gadget to students to give them an exposure of a wide variety of attractive multimedia content. Interestingly, the entire content is in the local language and is tailored according to their state board curriculum. With the regular use of our wonderful and engaging education tablet, rest assured that you will be able to witness a remarkable improvement in the learning levels of your child.

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