What is ttexto Instant Chat?

The success of any company depends on a secure and user-friendly means of communication for effective communication. At Praadis Technologies, we have developed a solution which is secure, encrypted and ensures confidentially of the information. The documents are stored on a local and failsafe server. Groups/members are managed by admins. The permission to copy/forward or save the document/communication is also managed centrally through Admins. We at Praadis Technologies, call this excellent mechanism as Ttexto Instant Chat. Ttexto Instant Chat is a group messaging application, which can be used as a business communication tool capable of transferring the information and data flow securely.

Features of ttexto Instant Chat

Features of ttexto Instant Chat:

This is suitable for all business communications in both, Private and Government domains. Mobile Applications is developed as a native app in Android and iOS Platform. Give notification to users for joining the group/app. Message transport security is ensured using an encryption key. CGAC is dependable as messages are thoroughly encrypted and only the sender and receiver have the competence to completely decrypt messages. The mobile App is developed using Open Source communication framework under Linux Environment. Capable for unlimited users of our company, Group contains users from different Companies and Outsiders also. Transfer the information in text, pic, video, word, excel, pdf, gif and other common formats

Journey of ttexto Instant Chat:

Mobile messaging apps are rapidly growing as a means for business communication and private communication. In the meantime, eavesdropping on classified communications is a critical threat to security. The risk of cyber-attacks by both foreign and domestic hackers is life-threatening and ubiquitous. Far from being confined to intelligence databases, mobile and voice communications are now the prime targets too. We were going through the similar problem in our business. Cyber security professionals have also raised the concerns about government officials sending private and confidential information via the messaging service app available in public domain. At present, a lot of the officers in other organizations utilize WhatsApp, WeChat like apps for official communication also. It is unsafe to use public chat engines like WhatsApp, WeChat for official communications.

  • Since these engines do not communicate through fixed port, therefore network security vulnerability threat is hard to contain cannot be winnowed out.
  • There is no watch over who is communicating what.
  • The document transmitted to a specific officer can be copied, stored and forwarded to anybody, thus facilitating the transfer to classified document to unintended persons.
  • The person exiting the group retains all the previous communications/documents with him.

In view of what is said above, it is not safe to use public chat engines like WhatsApp, WeChat for official communications. In order to overcome above limitations, we have developed a communication app that is evaluated thoroughly focusing on communication technologies — including chat clients, text messaging apps, email applications, and video calling technologies.

Benefits of ttexto Instant Chat

Benefits of ttexto Instant Chat to the Department:

  • Department can acquire all the important information at one fell swoop and same place.
  • It helps ensuring in saving time and money of the department. For example, Text SMS is lesser than the conventional letter.
  • It enables the instant give-and-take of feedback. So communication becomes just the ticket using this app.
  • The Department can readily govern operation across the Company. Video or teleconferencing e-mail and mobile communication are assisting managers in this concern.
  • Information cannot be deleted or hacked by any outsourcing due to its high security.

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